Friday, May 30, 2008

May I have that in a sentence, please?

It is that time of year again....Scripps National Spelling Bee! During the day, it is on ESPN and the final round is on ABC. It is amazing. I don't know these words and these are jr. high kids. Unfortunately, it is too late to start training my soon-to-be middle schooler...but the 4yo is ripe for the spelling.

Check it out and learn some new words to wow your friends with!
There are a couple kids from Illinois!

In Spelling Bee related information...
*Watch this episode of Psych...The Spellingg Bee.
*Listen to the soundtrack of 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee (not appropriate for all ages) features our friend Celia (who sang at our wedding...and is now a Tony-nominated Broadway star). Or find a live show!
*Did you know that most kids don't have spelling in school anymore? I guess spell-check has taken that over.
*I was in 1 school spelling bee...I got out on my first word.
*Test your vocabulary and save the word at Free Rice.

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Katherine said...

We watched until my husband begged me to change the channel. He claims he was bored, but I think he just couldn't handle the suspense.