Wednesday, May 07, 2008

This will be it...or not!

Each Tuesday, the news media says that this primary will be the end to the longest-ever Democratic primary process...and each Wednesday...nothing. Sure, I watched about 30min of my favorite CNN cutie talk about how nothing is happening but come on already.

What do these results say?
The Democrats can't decide on anything?
We should have co-presidents?
Is the primary process incredibly flawed?
We want more dirt on each candidate?
We want to give the Republicans more time to build their campaigns?
We want a new president but we can't decide who?
Who is the best candidate to beat McCain?
Will all those Clinton voters vote for Obama in Nov? (or not vote at all or go Green!)
Can Obama win those big blue states he lost to Clinton in the primary?
Are we doing this so the news stations can play with more visual toys and break records for the amount of laptops on one desk?
Can the super-delegates just decide today instead of waiting (neither candidate will get the nomination without them)?
Are we just making sure that each state and territory feels really included and important?

I'm done...pick one already, I'll be happy with either or both for that matter (hint, won't happen). I'm concerned that this ultimately will hurt the political process...what impact will it have on the general election (yes, we have to do all over again...but let's hope that only lasts one night...remember when you knew the probable election results before you went to bed?).

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I'm pretty political but there comes a point where you've got to say enough already. I'm starting to get so bored I don't know if I'll pay attention when the real election starts. (still voting of course)