Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Americans Attention Spans

It is clear that Americans' attention spans are rapidly shrinking.

An example...here is how I 'read' the newspaper.
First, I read it online. I simply scan the headlines. Once in awhile, I click on the headline and read the first couple paragraphs of the article. I rarely complete an article, especially if it is more than one page. I do check the local and national news sources. Worse, on msnbc.com, I often will click on a video story so that I don't have to expend the energy to read.

I also double up on entertainment and information (e.g. The Daily Show, Chesley Lately, and Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me). I do lay in bed each morning listening to NPR.

This trend is obvious in the decline in the blogosphere and the increasing popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging. Clearly, I don't blog as often as I used to (this due to several factors). I rarely get regular emails but I have lots of activity on Facebook (which I check several times per day). I, personally, haven't moved onto tweeting or texting but it will happen.

So, is this a negative trend? I don't know. I definitely feel more connected to friends and family through Facebook. I know what is happening in their daily lives and know when people have birthdays, babies, parties, tragedies. My parents aren't on Facebook so they miss out on cute things the kids do and photos since I don't blog about them anymore (hint, hint).

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday Season 2009

We made it through another birthday season at our house. Three child-selected dinners, three birthday parties, three chocolate cakes. Numerous trips to the toy store. Of course, everyone gets to pick their own cake. This years selections included:

Self-decorated chocolate cake with chocolate filling and frosting plus blue icing and gummy candies.

Chocolate cake with strawberry and chocolate filling, and decorated like a Clone Wars shield.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle cake decorated like a ninja.

Monday, October 05, 2009


Little known fact about me...I love horror movies. But not the good ones...bad, horrible horror movies...nothing that could really happen or anything. Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite movies of all time so Zombieland was just calling to me.

Zombieland (rated R) is a hilarious comedy with some considerable gore. The story, not unlike any other zombie movie, is based on the idea that the world has been infected with a virus that has turned almost everyone into the undead. Fortunately for us, we follow 4 survivors, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin, each named after the town they are from. Along the way, we are educated about the rules of survival (not only is Eisenberg's verbal delivery of these rules hilarious, we are constantly given written reminders) and reminded what is important to live life.

All the performances are fantastic. Harrelson is particularly amazing (I highly recommend an Oscar nom, no kidding). The zombies are perfectly gross, hungry, and stupid (and I assume performed by the filmmakers friends...hey guys, come down and be a zombie with me!). There is also a cameo that, for me, was so unexpected and so super funny. The writing is good and the design is fun with some realism.

I will warn some of you that the zombies and their resulting deaths are gross and somewhat violent.

Overall, highly entertaining and a perfect 2hrs of escapism. It is also great on the big screen but I will definitely check out the DVD.

its been awhile...

I can't believe I haven't posted in so long...so for those three people who still read, I apologize. As with every new school year, it has been crazy busy. Everyday has been jam packed with activity. I am so happy when I find a couple hours during the week to nap or check up on tv.

So here is a short list of headlines from my household:

1. Kindergartner learns to read! Now read books to parents every night!
2. Seemingly Chronically Crabby Pre-teen is finally appreciative of parents after So You Think You Can Dance Tour.
3. Four-Year-Old finally finds his own friends and loves having playdates without big brother.
4. Parents Take Up Gambling (Bunko for Mom, Poker for Dad)
5. Big Birthday Bash brings Candy Fun to Kids and Adults Both!
6. New TV seasons rocks but has placed great strain on Mom's time.
7. High School Musical-Obsessed Four-Year-Old now only responds to being called "Troy."
8. New fitness class (Team Strength Extreme) is getting Mom in awesome shape--look at those arms! Everyone should try it!
9. New Loft Bed greatly increases pre-teen's floor space! More room for dirty clothes and make-up to step on! Bunk Beds for the Boys too...with a slide!
10. Six-Year-Old will hang, flip, scale on any thing! Develops circus-style show for all!