Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Music in the air

In the midst of all the chaos in our house right now...we have be able to enjoy a lot of wonderful music.

On Sunday, we headed to Hessel Park. We sat on the grass and listened to the Edison Middle School Bands. They are amazing. Far better than I was in junior high...right Mom? The jazz bands are wonderful and a great local treasure. It was really nice to sit outside on a nice day...before the heat, humidity, and bugs take over.

Yesterday, our daughter had her first band concert. Well over 100 kids, I think, sitting in a "C" as my 4yo said. They played for about 20mins. They were really good. Of course, we had the standard When the Saints Go Marching In...but several other songs. They were especially wonderful since they had only 1 rehearsal all together that morning.

Unit 4 School does a really great job with their music program.

Tonight, we hope to head to Mike n' Molly's for Daniel Beahm to hear some live tunes. He is great!

Remember that now summer is upon us, there is lots of live, free music to be consumed!


Dan S said...

Speaking of music, we saw your daughter at BTW's musical on Friday afternoon. She has a great voice - we were all so proud!

Jenna said...

Thank you guys so much for coming and taking her in so she could be there. We felt awful about it. I heard she was great...can't wait for the video.