Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Health Care?

I spent most of my day dealing with the health care of my family.

Besides we were playing phone tag with our pediatrician about our 5yo (he's fine), I had my annual physical. I get there...surprised that I apparently scheduled a pap smear (I didn't)..then find out that my insurance might not cover the appointment since my ob/gyn listed my annual gyno exam in June as a regular physical. But that got taken care of and I was given a clean bill of health.

After I get home, I decide to finally call the insurance company to ask about several incorrect billings. First I am told that my doctor's office apparently sending the bills in incorrectly...but they don't actually correct the error unless the patient complains...then you have to go through a ridiculous process. I also ask about some lab fees...despite the literature we were given about our plan that simply states 100% of lab fees are covered...really they are only covered if sent to a specific lab. And, here's the best part, it is MY responsibility to tell my doctor to send it to this specific lab. So...there will be a strong letter sent about that. It should not be the patient's responsibility to tell them where to send lab work...especially since we were never told such a thing. So my hub calls the doctor and they say its the insurance companies errors. Blah.

So then, while I was in the mood. I look at our annual change period information on our current insurance (something I ignored until my hub mentioned that so many people at work were complaining about the changes...what changes?). Basically, my hub's work is changing insurance companies so we have to reverify our existence and select new plans. After spending hours trying to figure out if our current drs were covered and trying to factor in the care the pediatrician just recommended for our middle boy....done and done.

Here's the bottom line...we take the time to read the claims, bills, literature and I don't pay unless I know what I'm paying for. But so many people don't...there are billing errors, coverage and lack of coverage they don't know about...but people just pay for it or go see the doctor expecting to get low-cost care. Health care should not be complicated...I should feel comfortable heading to the dr to the care my family and I need.


Monday, November 24, 2008


Yes, I noticed the Christmas decorations were out in stores before Halloween...and they are in full bloom now yet Thanksgiving dinner hasn't even been cleared (I have started cooking it). Andy Rooney makes a good case here.

Watch CBS Videos Online

I often cringe when I see Christmas lights a glow before December and I, personally, refuse to pull out any holiday items before Dec 1st (even though I so love my collection of holiday socks). And despite my kids watch Rudolph all year, I try hard not to indulge too much too early. However, I did check Stephen Colbert's new special...hilarious! The music is brilliant (I love the Nutmeg song!). You can watch it in clips here...or buy it on DVD starting Tuesday.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My 2 favorite news sources merge!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


*I am waiting patiently for the 21st Century inventions presented in the Jetson's television show to come into being...I really want the walk-thru shower/dressing machine and the dinner options.

*Why isn't there a good movie in the theaters on the once-in-months date night? Although Role Models made me laugh out loud...the perfectly buttered popcorn was the star of the experience.

*Should I feel bad that I watch tv/movies online...most likely posted illegally?

*My 5yo is obsessed with Hairspray...I love hearing him sing (even when its at 6am).

*3yo is diaper-free!!

*12yo had to miss her first school dance due to some bad grades...a tough but right parenting decision.

*I really love coffee.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Marriage...what the?

Ok...Prop 8 has really opened up the discussion of marriage across the country.

Here's my thought today that has really bothered me....
Right now, two people of the same gender/sex cannot be legally married, in most states.

However...someone who has gone under some kind of transgender process can legally change genders/sexes and then get legally married. For example, a woman who transgendered into a male can become legally a man and then marry a woman. Additionally, people who get married as a heterosexual couple but then one decides to transgender...their marriage is still legal. So despite, someone's chromosomal make up or physical body...they can marry.

I am really bothered that a country and state can define male and female and thus marriage and parenthood.

Again....we are all people. This is so frustrating!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fitness Friday!

Reflections on my own fitness...

Honestly, I really never exercised seriously before five years ago. Yes, I went to gym class in school, took some dance, was a cheerleader, I would do some crunches here and there and walk around campus in college...and I was a big fan of Body Electric! Not sure if it was the best husband move but...after receiving both an Ab Roller and a Thigh Master for my birthday...we finally joined a gym after our middle baby.

I remember vividly my first kickboxing class (thanks, Lisa!). I thought I was going to die...yes, that is how I felt. Step class was a mess. I couldn't run more than few steps. Now five years later, things have obviously changed. I had two new members in my kickboxing class this week...I told them how my first class was.

Later this week, I decided to run on the treadmill (something I rarely do). I step on, find the right music...I am running at a good pace...no gasping, no aches in my shins...just a relaxing repetitive movement. So I move on...I jump rope for awhile...trying new tricks to show my teen class..move on to some toning. It was a good workout but I wasn't going to puke...I didn't need to stumble for my inhaler.

I am in good shape and that idea feels really good. I suppose I knew I was in ok shape but I've finally given up on numbers on the scale...I don't obsess over the softness of my belly...I focus on how I feel. I can carry laundry up two flights of stairs without exhaustion. I can sprint after my fearless 3yo. I can show my daughter how to have fun and exercise at the same time (especially since she is complaining about TaeBo videos being forced upon her in PE). I feel better focused on life after relieving stress.

I guess its nice to feel at peace about something in life.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Toys...what happened?

As many of you have seen, the holiday toy ads were out before Halloween this year. My kids love to look at them over and over again and let us know what Santa should bring. I like to see what's out there...what they should send is a battery catalog! (note: we invested in rechargeable batteries awhile ago)

Almost every toy now either needs batteries or is put into something with batteries. Why? Can't the kids make animal noises? Can they play with a barn that doesn't light up? At work, we received some cool dinosaurs...however they all made noises, so I promptly removed the batteries (I do this all the time). One kid kept bringing it over to me and telling me it didn't work. After a couple tries (telling him to make a dinosaur sound), he finally happily played with it.

I also stopped at the bookstore the other day...and now apparently books have to have something extra too. It is hard to buy a book without an accompanying toy.

Let kids play...use their imaginations...give them a tub of paper towel rolls and they'll be happy, a package of construction paper with scissors and markers, a good set of building blocks.

My kids have always favored the contents of the kitchen cabinets, basics of crayons and paper, matchbox cars and truck, basic figurines, jumping on their beds...

If you still feel like you need some thing new and exciting, try our new favorite toy, Toobeez. They are like giant tinker toys. My kids have built a fort, desk, lasers, beds for their teddy bears, cars....

They happen to be having a great deal on Toobeez right now too....click here!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

More the Marry-er

Obviously, I am liberal in ideology so someone can help me out...I just don't understand why two loving people of the same sex cannot get married in the US?

Not only can they not get married in most states...but California said yes and now no. How can you treat people that way?

I simply do not understand how same-sex marriage will ruin the institution of marriage. Marriage is about love, trust, devotion, support...those qualities exist regardless of sex. And I find the religious argument (e.g. homosexuality is prohibited by God) mute because, in the US, any heterosexual couple can get married regardless of their religious affiliation.

Shouldn't we treat everyone in the country equally? That is the bottom line, isn't.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Solid as Barack!

I was almost overwhelmed when discovering that Barack Obama will be our new president (that happening around 830pm when Ohio was colored blue). A truly historic moment that I am glad my daughter was awake to see.

Yes, we can! Yes, we can discover new ideas, new solutions, new perspectives, new leaders, new listeners...

Our society is ready and willing for change...a change to take care of each other and work together to build a strong country starting at the foundation. We are willing to look past ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, political affiliation...to rebuild and recuperate after some devastating times.

And more importantly...this election has told us that each one of us can and should contribute to change. We can all help make our nation strong.

I am incredibly excited at the coming years. I am so proud to have this amazing man represent me and my family to the world.

Congratulations to my senator...and now my president...Barack Obama!

Go now!

Go out and VOTE!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

3 Day to go!

Here just some interesting political media for you today.

Dan's column from Smile Politely Joe vs. the Socialists.

Buy the Joe the Doll set now!
John McCain on SNL...he was great!

My favorite...Solid as Barack!