Thursday, September 08, 2011

Time flies...

I can't believe that I haven't blogged since, so much has gone on. Here are some highlights...

*Mother-in-law got remarried on a yacht on Lake Michigan. It was super-duper hot but lovely and I didn't throw up off the side of the boat (score one for Sea Bands! they are great and they help with morning sickness (not that I have than anymore)).

*Huge family reunion at Starved Rock. Gorgeous location and so much fun with 73 of my closest relatives. Not long enough.

*School started for all. Hubby is taking a couple classes to prepare for his next big career move into nursing. The daughter started high school...really. The boys are in first and second grade. And the baby is with me at preschool.

*Made a fun Lego Indiana Jones birthday cake for the newly-turned 6yo.

*Did my first training session for the local child care resource service on gross motor development and integrating physical activity into the classroom. I think it was successful and realized that I am really a good teacher and it is really what I should be doing in carry on.

*Baby got some teeth and has begun to crawl and stand up. He also loves food a lot...we can't really give him enough. He eats everything (so he might be related to my big brother after all!).

*My dad and gram visited and I just love grocery shopping with them! My grandma should probably have her own reality show...Shopping with a Polish Woman. I also got to eat at two of my favorite restaurants in the same day!

*Read The Help and saw the movie...recommend them both.

*I started watching Mad me some Don Draper.

*Finally lost some baby weight! Only about 6 pounds to go...but not ready to try on my pre-baby jeans (just bought some new ones instead).

*In case you were wondering, the boys still maintain farting as a major point of conversation and activity.