Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So cute...

Last week, the boys are upstairs playing, laughing, with the door closed...I leave them alone (I sit for a quiet minute). Eventually I check on them....

I open the door and see puffs of white smoke...."Look Mom!" followed by a huge plume of white, dusty baby powder being gleefully squeezed out by my 4yo. They were so happy and excited to show my their new game...I couldn't help but laugh. But really...we actually had just cleaned up the room earlier that day and now there was baby powder EVERYWHERE!! Probably still is...but the room smells nice.

My husband took a bit of video and photos to document. Besides the task of trying to clean it up...it was a nice funny thing to break the sadness in our house.

But those two are going to be trouble....cute trouble.


Leeanthro said...

Not to be alarmist, but...

Kids can aspirate baby powder. It will coat their lungs and then they can die because the lungs can't absorb the air.

Same goes for baby oil. I saw a family on Oprah whose child died from baby oil. That's why they now have safety caps.


The particles of baby powder are very small and when airborn can affect asthmatics.

Glad to know they didn't get hurt. It's probably the last thing a family thinks about when it comes to baby proofing.

Jenna said...

That's good to know. I hope that this wasn't going on too long and that we cleaned it up enough and quickly. I have asthma and I thought it would bad but it hasn't.


Baby oil? I wouldn't have thought of that.