Monday, June 02, 2008

The end of another era

Our daughter had her 5th Grade Promotion ceremony its official that she is growing up. She will be in JR HIGH!! in a couple months. We are still in denial. She is also very close to being taller than me....she wears a bigger shoe size and we are borrowing each others clothes!

It also means that most of her friends are already taller than me and I blend into the group of preteens a little too well for my comfort level. It is true, despite my real age and life, I look like a teenager (stop right now...don't tell me I will love it when I am older...). I am obviously older than my preschoolers and when our now 11yo entered elementary school, it was clear that I was not a student there. But now....I am really dreading my daughter entering jr. high with a parent that looks like I could be her classmate. I will really have to work at getting to know the parents, kids, and staff so they know that I am not a student in and, in fact, a parent in my 30's who happens to be an educator.

Anyways....we are very proud of our little girl. She was nominated with 5 other kids for a special citizenship award and she was selected from her class to give a speech. We apparently have raised her in a very liberal perspective...her speech could have easily passed for a campaign speech for the Democrats...talking about the children being the future and having to make the right choices to save our planet and economy (she actually mentioned that we might be headed for another Great Depression). She is brilliant...and so well spoken. I hope I will be well rested enough to help her win the nomination in 25 years!

I guess its only 2 more years and all the little ones will be in school full-time....time flies!

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