Monday, December 29, 2008

The Dynamic Duo

It is well-known that my youngest two sons love everything superhero. But my favorite part right now is the creativity to become a different superhero each day.

Each day they decide what superhero they would like to be...either established (e.g. spiderman, hulk) or original. If they have a representation of said superhero (e.g. picture, movie, action figure), they hold up the representation and try to match their clothes as closely as possible. This is where the real creativity comes in....

One day, they come in my room and say "Hey, look who we are!" (I had no clue). "See, I am wearing stripes like a flag and blue pants so I am Capt. America. And C. is wearing red, pretend that heart on his shirt is a spider, so he is Spiderman."

They often like to be the Hulk or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but their drawers lack green the 3yo one day puts on another color shirt and turns it backwards and tells me he is pretending his shirt is green so he can be Michael Angelo.

But my favorite was this week, when after giving up on being The Thing (since our 3yo doesn't have an all orange outfit), he decided to put on black and be "Black Man."

If only the other one decided to be the White Power ranger....

What a pair!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Late for a date

Next year, I think we will celebrate Christmas on the would save us a fortune! This year, I cut our holiday budget down considerably (through freecycle and cutting extra things down (e.g. candy, stocking stuffers)) but think about...everything is on sale now. Just because hershey kisses are wrapped in red and green...on the 26th they are marked down 75%...but not just wrapping paper, ribbons, cards, and candy.....stores are clearing their extra lots of things are on sale. (actually I saw prices starting to drop starting the 21st)

So next year, maybe we'll wait an extra day or two.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Good Bye Eartha Baby

Yesterday, a Hollywood and Broadway legend passed away...Eartha Kitt.
What a woman! Talented in every way...singer, dancer, actress, political activist, strong--inside and out--woman. You can read more about her and her amazing 60-year career here.

I love her silky voice...but I also love her classic catwoman (she was actually the replacement catwoman). Here is a just a little show of her talent.
She will be missed.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Top Holiday Food List

Here are my must-have holiday foods...its not Christmas without them.

5. Egg nog latte (or egg nog in my coffee since I can't afford a real latte)
4. Gram's ribbon jello (she wakes up every 2hrs during the night to make the layers)
3. Mom's stuffing (how many sticks of butter again?)
2. Hershey Kiss cookies (peanut blossoms)
1. Gram's pierogies (farmer's cheese are my favorite)

I sadly will miss my Polish Christmas Eve dinner this year...I will take a moment of silence now.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Top Lists

This is the time of year...let's count it I will too.

Today...I will tell you about my top 5 guilty-pleasure movies (movies that aren't really great, wouldn't qualify as 'films' but you always stop and watch them if on tv). You know...the ones you are slightly embarressed that you know most of the dialogue. Classic iconic movies don't count here (e.g. Dirty Dancing, Breakfast Club, Steel Magnolis, Wayne's World) and of course, no awards or critical acclaim.

5. The Cutting Edge--this classic ice skating movie (now a nice pair with Blades of Glory) was watched many times in my adolescence...toe pick!

4. She's All That (great soundtrack, classic teen flick...who doesn't love falafel hats?)

3. Bring It On--I was a cheerleader in high school.

2. Legally Blonde--I'm blonde too.

1. Final Destinations 1-3 (LOVE THEM!!! Love that they are almost always shown on TV back-to-back). The most creative and awesome death scenes without a real-life threatening killer.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold Quickies...

*Man, its cold out there...especially when you are standing outside the car waiting for little ones to find their car seats.

*We spent the weekend visiting half of our living relatives...all in less than 48 hrs! Complete with 2 restaurants, Christmas presents, sleet falling from the sky, drunken elders, puking kids, and lots and lots of love.

*Note on the puking kids....our 5yo spent one night, or early morning I should say, throwing up. But my mom told me she would take care of him, so I went back to bed. Thanks Mom! (later, he gave me a detailed description of the contents and emotions)

*I almost left my 12yo at a rest stop on the highway (think Little Miss Sunshine)...she spent the trip in iPod world, I didn't know she was missing.

*4 more days until Winter Break for me and the kids! And no travelling!!

*No, I don't have my Christmas shopping done...and those of you who have it done and wrapped should not mention it to the rest of us. I did bake today...finally.

*You know that my brother and I share a brain when he shouts one word at the table and only I laugh!

*My grandma decided that she needs to find a young (60+) billionaire to marry...let me know if you know any. She will settle for a millionaire, if necessary. I now refer to her as the golddigging cougar...with love.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

To you...impatient driver behind me...

This happened twice today...

I'm waiting on a side street waiting to turn left onto a 'busy' street (what we in CU consider 'busy'...Prospect, Neil, University). Waiting patiently (I am an extremely patient person) for the safe opportunity to turn. The person behind me honks. (and because I looked and there is nothing wrong with my car...unless the pro-breastfeeding or Obama bumper stickers offend you)....STOP HONKING AT ME!!!

I am not going to risk my and my kids' lives not to mention our only car to try to sneak into the bustling traffic of Champaign rush hour. Be patient, my friend.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bail me out...

So its official, the economy what I have to say about fixing it.

Everyone who makes more than 1 million dollars per year should take the 1 mil and give the rest to the rest of us. Does anyone need more than 1 million dollars? I wouldn't even know what to do with that much money let alone 9mil or whatever ridiculous amounts athletes, movie stars, and major corporation CEO's make.

My husband says that they made that is theirs. True....but they don't need it. Do it for the love of the job and the joy it brings...that is why my husband and I are in jobs we are in...we love them and not the paycheck (obviously).

Yes, I realize this will never happen but think of the millions and millions of dollars.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hometown Pride

We go every year....snow, sleet, cold....we go to the CU Parade of Lights in downtown. We bundle up (snowpants, hats, blankets) and head out. This year we went without the hubby since he had to work. It was a risk but it paid off. The kids love parades and there are only 2 each year...and Santa makes a special appearance.

This year, it was definately cold and a bit windy...but no snow. But there was definately a smaller crowd last night and a shorter parade. And I felt there was a lack of effort this year for the awards...there were only a couple 'floats' to choose from (the MTD was great!). I loved the big star balloons from the park district (sponsored by different organizations). But we love seeing all the scout trips, local organizations, volunteer fire depts, characters....oh, and candy. We watched it once near the beginning and then walked down (past the burned out buildings) and watched it again listening to our local news personalities commentate while we waited for Tree Lighting (and enjoyed free hot cocoa with marshmellows and whipped cream from Jim Gould's!).
Our 3yo sat motionless wrapped up as much as possible. Our 5yo took the time to figure out how the tree turns on without an outlet near by, and the poorly-dressed-for-the-weather 12 yo bounced around trying to stay warm and how to get the marshmellows out of her cup. I was excited that there we not a ton of kids waiting to talk to Santa...but my little ones just wanted to see him. It was also fun trying to see if the scarf and hat hidden beings around us were people we knew.

It is nice and a great tradition for our community.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Fitness Friday!

Its cold out there! And it is, for most people, the busiest time of, parties, food...

I like to get outside when I can but I don't risk injury exercising on ice-covered surfaces...but I let the kids out all the time to play. Bundle up! Go out. I watch from the door and make them hot cocoa when their noses are rosy. Playing in the snow is great exercise! Shoveling! Raking the leaves you didn't get to before the snow! Making a snowman! Just being in the cold takes more energy. If you must keep them in...I kid you not...invest in a small climber, slide, trampoline, nerf basketball hoop, something. Clear some space and let them run around. It will make everyone happier (natural exercise high, release of excessive energy, fun).

As for me, I head to the gym a little bit more (stay later, really). Since I'm planning on running all over CU in the spring...the treadmill and elliptical will be my extra activity. But I always like to jump some rope for 10mins...its fun and a great, quick workout. Its all about mediation for out for 10-30mins each day...listen to good music or watch trashy tv....revitalizing!

Of course, I highly advocate belting out holiday songs and dancing around the Christmas tree.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm here...

With work and a non-working computer...I've been forced to cut my online usage down...I had to read a book and everything!

Sorry to be embedded-media crazed but this is a nice closure to my same-sex marriage discussion. I had to share. Thanks Neil for sending.

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die