Monday, September 14, 2009

The best part of my day

The best part of my day is something I completely take for granted. It is something that sometimes I initially don't always want to do. I also assume that everyone participates in this activity but I know that isn't true.

The best part is reading books before bed.

My little ones still like me to read to them. We each pick out some books. I turn on some of my teacher-sense but I try to enjoy the closeness and undivided attention. They hang on every word. I have to cut my kids off after a few books and some nights they pile books up on their bed and read them until they fall asleep with the lights on.

My soon-to-be teenager and I read our own books before bedtime as well. Besides I love the fact that I have created the love of reading in her, I enjoy that we share books and talk about what we are reading. I love to take at least 15mins to clear my mind and settle into rest and relaxation for the night.

Sorry to sound cheesy, but the love of reading and sharing is such a gift.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


So August is apparently over...with vacation and school starting, I have yet to take a big breath (when will Sunday come?). Anyways.

Besides my own children beginning school (three kids, three schools), I have a brand new group of students in my classroom with a few returning three year olds. I just love teaching so much and meeting new families and children is fantastic. Playing around with kids is so much fun, although exhausting.

But my favorite part so far has been our Parent Orientation Night. We invite the parents out for a Parent-Only evening to play and learn about our program. Throughout the time, they get to play during choice time (including exploring shaving cream, blocks, ramps and balls, playdough, vinegar and oil, marble/ball painting, flaxseeds and water), move and shake a bit during group time, and learn a bit more about how to best praise and encourage their children. We did some business as well including classroom policies, etc. but the most important part was releasing their inner-child and seeing how our play-based philosophy really works.

My husband had a blast and I think he really needed the time to play. I also think all the parents realized how important play is to all of us, at any age.

So, although the past two weeks have been insanely busy and stressful, I am careful to take time out to play with each of my children (good for them and very good for me).