Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weekend without Kids....kind of

So I ran away this weekend to celebrate my brother's birthday...without the kids....run as fast as you can! I needed some time to myself and our daughter had to be back Monday at 7am for a field trip to Springfield (which she said was awesome, by the way).

First, I avoided my children's knowledge of said trip until necessary. Well, my 4yo got wind of it and wasn't happy. He withheld his birthday gift (an original manuscript of the Night Creature and the Bad Guys...complete with illustrations) and pouted a lot. There was a lot of 'Mommy don't go" and "Please take me with you...I like Uncle Phil, too". Honestly, I would have caved and brought one kid but he smelled like poop when he asked me and was reminded of why I was leaving the house for a couple days.

So after a minor mental breakdown (thank you messy house and PMS), I spent a lovely 2+ hours singing showtunes and chilling out. Got to my mom's and the 'read' the entire People Magazine while waiting for the older brother and niece to pick me up for a dinner with Grandma (gotta get off the Shit List). The weekend continued with lots of food and some well-needed sleep (after staying up late to watch a DVD by myself) and even some ice skating (super fun!). I went to a fabulous Target in the big city (and also my hometown one). It was a great weekend. And even though I spent most of the time with my 5yo niece...I didn't wipe any butts, I didn't cook or do any laundry, I wasn't responsible for entertaining anyone....I was an adult again.



sevnetus said...

You're kind of lucky that with young ones you are forced to take a fresh view. We adults get older and uglier, jaded and cynical. Maybe I'm just speaking for myself. Good luck and have fun.

Gwenna said...

Glad you got to get away!!