Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Election...blah, blah

So what did Super Tuesday tell us...nothing really. That it is a close race for all involved and there is much more to come until August and September when final decisions must be made. If you have talked to me about the election the past few know that I am passionate about the process and find this election, in particular, fascinating.

Here is why:

*We feel like we have real choices really have to think about your decision to support one candidate over another because there are all bring a lot of good to the table.

*This process is crazy...Republican winners take all the delegate votes....Democrates only their percentage...but in the end...delegates can vote for whoever they want. And then there's the caucus, primary, jelly bean counting.... Does this even mean anything?

*Many people don't know who they are voting for and why. I voted for Obama because he's black (he's actually biracial, fyi)....I voted for Hillary because she's a woman....I voted for McCain because he's cute. I voted for this person because I don't like the other. I just filled in the circle. What is that about?

Specifically on the Democratic side...I am bothered that people are dismissing Hillary for the same reasons they are embracing Barack. My hub says...I just don't like her. I ask why? I just don't. Why do you like Obama? I just do. Where do they stand on the issues? Well....I don't really know.

First of all....they stand in about the same proximity on the issues. Secondly....Hillary gets a bad rap for because....I don't know. And Barack gets a good rap becauses he's a charismatic leader (not that there is anything wrong with that). My mom keeps talking about how Sen. Clinton has changed her image including her speech and everything throughout the election. Well...sure. They ALL have stylists...speech writers....speech coaches...research staffs...publistists...people telling them what they should and shouldn't do to win over the people. Perhaps because, one, we've 'known' Clinton the longest, and, two, she is a women with more noticeable hair and clothing (since they are unlike any of her opponents)...we notice the changes more.

Basically, I'm pissed that people don't know the candidates and don't look at the big picture. I like pieces of all the Democratic candidates and even some the Republican ones. But I had to make a choice yesterday...not that it really mattered...nothing is settled and I go back to supporting them all.

Take the time to listen to the their backgrounds and policy ideas...look at what they have focused on throughout their lives. Get over the first impressions and learn about our next president.

*On the lighter side....there are a series of YouTube mock videos about the candidates. This is my favorite.


Melissa Niksic said...

I agree with you 100%...and John is just like Dave! He grumbles about how he hates Hillary Clinton, and then can't give me a reason why other than "I just do." It's so frustrating.

Gwenna said...

I think I must be somewhere in the middle b/c I think knowing the facts is important but I totally understand going with your instinct. We have it for a reason.