Friday, February 01, 2008

Why J-Lo?

Msnbc reports:
Considering Jennifer Lopez has spent the bulk of her pregnancy swaddled in Roberto Cavelli, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that the mom-to-be is planning on going couture during her stay on the maternity ward.
A source close to Lopez said that the singer’s scheduled a Caesarean section, has packed her bags and will be checking into the hospital with four pastel-colored couture hospital gowns and a coordinating robe all designed by in tow.

That is so stupid. In general packing anything that you think you will wear while you are at the hospital is useless. Although most hospital gowns are not necessarily attractive....they are very functional. For nursing moms, the tops snaps right off. They are really easy to change while laying in bed in pain. Plus the hospital will wash them...which is good because they will get nasty. Sweat, blood, milk, who knows what else will get on those things.

In my opinion, you can bring a robe if you like but all you really need is a couple bras and something to wear home....and a toothbrush! (always the first thing I want after giving birth)



Amen! (I didn't even know she's pregnant.)

I didn't use anything I packed with my first. I packed really light for the second. I didn't even crack open my two new magazines or Sudoku!

Gwenna said...

She probably wouldn't be washing anthing anyways. Only 5 days to go for me. Yay!