Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feel my pain...

So, on Tuesday I was fortunate enough to get a retreatment done on a old root canal. Sounds fun doesn't?! Apparently most root canals, especially those done by general dentists, eventually need to be redone. Lucky me.

I went to my young and cute specialty dentist. It took forever to numb my mouth. They were at the point of saying....well let's try one more thing or we will have to reschedule and do something else. Finally, I was drooling and numb. My mouth being so small they had trouble isolating the area a bit and I had to use a child-size bite guard (and that was really too big). On we go...apparently my tooth was basically filled tight with metal and it took forever to get through the crown and remove to old work. My tooth broke some of the drill bits! They said I was very special.

Almost 2 hrs later, I rush to pick up the boys from school. I felt ok...I little sore but not too bad. Just, I am in serious pain. The antibiotics are having big battle with the infection, the area was pretty traumatized and my jaw is sore. And I can't really take the pain meds they gave me because being conscious is kind of necessary for parenting. I just didn't anticipate being so yucky.

The best part is that I go back in 6 weeks to finish it up...but they promise me it won't be so bad next time. No really, the actual appointment wasn't bad, no pain...but the aftermath sucks.

I guess I'm just complaining. Sorry.

At least it will motivate me to keep on top of my kids' pearly whites.


Dan S said...

No pictures? Come on - we don't want to just read about your pain, we want to see it too.

But I do hope you feel better soon.

Misc said...

Oh, hope you feel better soon. How much stuff did they use before you got numb? I take forever to get numb even when they pull out the big guns (the heavy-duty stuff).

They couldn't get you in sooner than 6 weeks to finish the job? Or did they have to re-do the crown (take impressions, etc.)?

My step-dad is an excellent dentist and I've done chair-side work during root canals. That ain't fun.

Best of luck.

Jenna said...

Just picture a cute little chipmunk....ok, a cranky little lopsided chipmunk.

As for the timing, they wanted to clear out the infection completely before filling it. I am not too happy about this but what can I do now?

Henny Penny said...

yowzers, I don't like to have anything more than a cleaning done on my teeth.