Sunday, February 03, 2008


Yesterday we were treated to a great theaterical performance at the Armory Theater....Student Playwrights Outreach Theatre (SPOT). Why was it so great?

The acting was great, the pacing fabulous, the music fun, direction perfect...but it was the writing that was the best part. This collection of short plays were all originally written by 4-5th grade students...our daughter being one of them (about awaiting her friend's arrival to her HSM Party). The stories were adapted and then performed by UIUC students.

Besides the content of the stories ranged from pure fantasy, pre-teen experiences, family situations, and emotional powerpacks...oh and some political was great to see the range of work from the kids. Then for the kids to see their stories on stage was amazing. They felt like superstars! Maybe we should make a shelf for a future Tony or Oscar! After the performance the writers got awards and, of course, cookies. It was very special to have my daughter meet the actors and directors...they all said they loved her piece (and it was their favorite).

What an amazing and simple program....where everyone wins! Thank you SPOT!

Here is the NG article about it (sorry...if I had know in advance there was a public performance I would have told you all).

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