Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Morning Quickies...

*Its cold again outside time today....

*Watched Away from Her this weekend. Its an ok movie from our neighbors to the North with the accents to prove it. Julie Christie, who is nominated and slated to win an Oscar for her role as a beautiful older woman with dementia, is ok. I really don't see Oscar for this one...but she is Julie Christie. Her husband in the film, Gordon Pinsent, is wonderful and heart-breaking as his character deals with his wife's illness.

*Finally put up some curtains in our kitchen (that I painted in July). The kids the sewings isn't all that straight but hey. Now my hub can stop feeling like the neighbors are always admiring his chest hair.

*Today is National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAPPID) if you can get out to your kids' schools, regardless of your ethnicity.

*My kids are busy planning for Valentine's Day...which includes trying to get as much chocolate on the menu as possible this week. They had to watch a lot of Food Network this weekend for ideas....or so they said. has lots of Valentine ideas.

*Had to take the Nin DS away from the 11yo due to a drop in grades this week. She I have to be punished for bad grades? Yes....bring them up, kiddo. So, I felt compelled to try to break all of her high scores...which I did on one game.

*Skipped the Grammy's (for reading...I know, crazy). I feel conflicted over Amy Whinehouse...especially since she performed Rehab last night....

*I decided to hit the gym on Saturday for a couple hours...cause I really need to work out more, yea right. So, I was sore all day yesterday. At least I know how my students/members feel. Really it gave me two hours alone (with 30 other people).

*Last week, we got Junior's Burgers for dinner. Although I was excited over the sweet potato fries...the burger was just simply too greasy for me but it did have cheddar on it (opposed to the standard American on cheeseburgers). Didn't feel so good the next morning. They do have an interesting menu though...including a veggie burger and they deliver.

*We recently went to Applebee's (a place we rarely go but had a gift card!). Besides the wait and slow service...the food was pretty good. They have changed the menu a couple times over the past few years. The portions are reasonable as well as the prices. We liked the $9.99 3-course option (originated by TGI Fridays). The 'shooter' desserts are brilliant! For $1.99 you get a little bit of dessert. We would go there again...especially since we still have gift card money to spend. But avoid the dinner rushes with kids (any restaurant on North Prospect is packed from 6-8pm).

Have a great week!


lbotp said...

I saw Away From Her and loved the husband's performance too. Guess he wasn't a big enough name to be nominated for an Oscar.

Junior's veggie burger is ... inedible.

Jenna said...

I think the film in general was was an indie out of Canada. It must have been seen at some festivals. If Julie Christie wasn't in would have been lost. I wonder how she got involved in it...the entire production was Canadian except for her. Anyways. He was amazing.