Monday, February 04, 2008


* VOTE TOMORROW! Super Tuesday is so exciting! Go online and do some research....know your vote. This is a great reason to watch Anderson Cooper on CNN for hours. My husband and I are, for the first time, voting for different people.

*Super Super Bowl! That was one of the best games of football from the past few years. What a great game! Good job defenses! hub and I were cheering for different teams...mine won last night! I was more into the game than if one of my teams were playing. And the commercials were good...I loved the Pepsi ads (Night at the Roxbury and Justin Timberlake) and the E-Trade talking baby!

*This is why living the in biggest town around is bad...I made a wrong turn this morning in the dense fog and ended up in nowhere. I was late for an appointment and crying. I couldn't see anything around me...I was in the country and apparently on a road that wasn't connected to any other roads. I had only driven for 5-10 min! Thankfully, my hub hadn't gone to bed yet and talked me down.

*Successful dentist trip for the little ones! with 2 bathroom trips (we spent more time going potty than in the dentist chair!) then the 4yo's legs stopped working...that is what he told me as he lay sprawled out in the lobby.

*My daughter finally won a prize in the library reading club. Her brothers won every month in the fall. But January was all hers! She reads like a book a day! We tried to enjoy the Chinese New Year event but it was super we just hung out in the children's section.

*My 2yo has taken to 'marking' his toys. Yes, he literally pees on is a specific action. I don't know what to do about this. We don't see it coming and then he pulls his pants down and holds a toy out. (it is actually funny in a way).

*Snow! Fun, fun! Enjoy it while it lasts...which won't be long.

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