Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Godly Opportunities

So, I was watching Evan Almighty with my daughter for Girls' Night. One of the ideas of the movie is that God doesn't give you things (e.g. courage, patience, love)...but gives you the opportunity to achieve your goals (e.g. he gives you the opportunity to use patience or show love and compassion).

So here are the recent 'opportunities' God has sent me for patience, love, and understanding:
*My 4yo has suddenly lost the ability to dress himself (and we are running late)
*My husband is making a 30-min recipe and its going on an hour
*There are tons of people at the grocery store but only 4 lanes open
*My kids are waking pre-dawn
*I have snuck out of the house and only have a couple hours...and there are 20 mins of previews at the movies
*I'm trying to make dinner and the 2yo keeps turning the stove off
*Its past bedtime and the kids pick the longest books we own for reading time
*As usual, there is no parking at preschool pick-up time
*My computer is broken yet again
*The phone is ringing but the phone is nowhere in sight
*My 4yo insists on watching a video rewind instead of pressing stop-rewind...while the 2yo continually asks "I wanna watch Lil Mermaid"
*The 2yo has drawn a marker masterpiece...on the couch

Needless to say...I am a VERY patient person.

What opportunities have you had this week?


Misc said...

You've read my blog, yes?

I have one sick child and one well child, who thankfully went back to school today. He has way too much pent up energy. :-)

My husband said he was going to organize the recycling but took a nap instead.

Enjoyed Evan Almighty. We watched it as a family movie night choice a few weeks ago.

Misc said...

Oh, my husband's nap was 2 hours long! This after a full-night's sleep while I was the one up tending to our sick daughter and had had maybe 5 hours sleep.

Jenna said...

Husbands need to more sleep, I think. Something in their make-up. Apparently a good night of at least 8hrs plus a nap is not enough but I can last on a couple of fractured ones.

lbotp said...

My 2yo won't let me change her diaper.

I went to a movie in another locale a few months ago and there were only two previews for a total of five minutes. I wanted to import it to C-U. Are you trying to see all the Oscar movies?