Tuesday, February 12, 2008

All Is Write Again!

The writers' strike has finally come to an end...we hope. This is great! or is it?

Although Jon Stewart promised the writers to be back as soon as Wednesday (by the way, LOVED the Conan, Stewart, Cobert feud!)....most other shows won't be back until the spring, if at all (see any news source today about this situation) until late September. No Heroes, Sexy Money, Lost.

Here's my question....
Why does the TV season have to end in the middle of May? They had months off...why not just extend the season into the summer to make up for lost time? At this point they aren't really even showing reruns....just bad reality shows (thank goodness Celebrity Apprentice has been renewed...yuck!). I can't take that for another 6 months!

My assumption is that the staffs and actors are under contract a certain amount of time, including specific dates. To redo everyone's contracts would be a mess. But were the staffs getting paid all this time? I know the late-night shows were not (Conan paid them himself). And we have to allow time for the actors to try to make a great movie over the summer hiatius (Eva Parker's Over Her Dead Body is important cinema).

What about the consumers? Do they care if there is good TV on for 9 months? I think people have already lost interest in TV to some degree and making it worse for the duration will be bad for the business.

Oh well....Food Network is always on....right?


Anonymous said...

Well after a little time goes by it will be as if there was never any strike so the loss of interest isn't too big of a problem. At least for TV in general. Certain shows might suffer or even wind up canceled due to the strike.

As for extending the season...a big part of why they break for the summer is so that the cast and crew can pursue other projects. I imagine they have all promised their time else where. It sucks for us I kind of feel like they owe me for the last few months. I've actually started watching reality TV and I really resent it. Ha ha.

Mom said...

I agree, they owe me another couple of months of new shows. It wouldn't break my heart a bit to have TV over the summer.

The only two shows that I'm watching right now (Psych and Nip/Tuck) end this week so I will be TV free until April/May when a few come back.

In the meantime, I'm watching old shows that I never had time to watch before on DVD. I just finished Gilmore Girls and I think Sex and the City will be up next. That way, I still have something new to watch and I get to clear soem of my library que. :)