Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Quickies

Happy 2008 to you all!!

I hope this new year brings you good health and happiness!

Some Quickies for this week....
*We still love you Illinois football players...the Rose Bowl will be there again...some day.

*Our 11yo daughter and her friend stayed up way past me on New Year's Eve...pathetic? I don't think so, I knew I had to get up whenever the boys did...I think is was smart.

*Illinois is SMOKE FREE!!! At last...too bad, Mayor.

*Chicago has established a bottled-water tax...suburban water smuggling to come! I can't believe people are complaining about this....people feel like that won't be able to drink water anymore! Please people.

*Last day of winter break for the school-age set! My daughter has had a lovely break but she can go back the very least to help me figure out what day it is.

*My 11yo got a Nintendo DS for Christmas. And my hubby got Brain Age 2 for me...I am apparently not as smart as I used to be but with daily training, I can be smart again! I also started playing Sudoku on it...I am hooked.

*Saw The Golden Compass movie. Overall, it was very good. I loved the books and, obviously, so many things were left out of the film, but they did a good job at the main story. The prologue is a bit confusing if you don't know it or aren't really listening but its ok. The costumes and sets are beautiful and the lead, Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra, is fantastic. Recommended for those over 10yo.

*Watched Subdivide and Conquer on The Documentary Channel last night...fascinating. Try to catch it.

*I am happy to say that I watched the entire series of Arrested Development over the past three weeks...the whole Season 3 on my sick day this week. Love that show!!! It is even better if you watch it all at once...the inside jokes are great! Shame on you Fox for taking it away from us.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am just now watching Scrubs for the first time- catching up on all the seasons and Arrested Development is next on my list!!


Jenna said...

I've been watching a lot Scrubs lately too...its on during the kids 'quiet' time on Comedy Central.

There are so many good shows out there...although I got sucked into Supernanny last night.

Donita said...

Delurking here: I am SO disappointed that Fox took off Arrested Development too. It was my favorite show. I can't believe people didn't raise a rukus about that one. I laugh just thinking about it. (Gob and his chicken dance) heehee.

Jenna said...

After watching it all...each character had his own chicken one point four of them are doing it at the same time! And the blue paint all over the house...funny, funny!

Leeanthro said...

I keep threatening to run for mayor. He's such a baffoon!