Saturday, January 12, 2008

TV Tidbits

It is no secret that I love TV...I don't watch a ton...but I do watch something everyday. I really like to sit down after the kids are asleep and just chill out before bed (that of which I then read).

So....I used to love reality shows but they have lost their appeal for me. However, did I fall upon a guilty pleasure this week. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on VH1. Dr. Drew of Love Line and other media fame...who also happens to be a real addictions specialist, takes 8 B to Z list celebrities into rehab. Besides the fact, I can't believe some of them are alive...I am interested to watch them get better...if they make it. I hope the show will touch other addicts and persuade them to get help. Just watching Jeff Conaway (of Grease and Taxi)...would be enough to get me clean if I was an addict of any kind. I almost feel guilty about watching this private moment in their lives...but I do feel the need to watch. I like Intervention as well.

USA Network has started its season last night with new episodes of Monk and Psych...preceded by a Psych marathon (Monk marathon on Sunday). I like Monk but it, as Psych, is a bit formulaic. But enjoyable nonetheless. Psych is really fun for people my age...there are many, many 80's and early 90's references. And the leads are so cute.

On the kid front....since we've had no school, we've had a thorough survey of children's programming. We are favoring the PBS offerings right now. While Sesame Street is still a strong favorite for the 4yo really likes the new superhero-inspired shows Super Why and Word Girl. Word World is another literacy-based PBS show that is entertaining. I also like that they have filled in the shows with preschool-like activities from Hooper and Miss Lori.

My 11yo is in the in-between stage of TV watching...when we pry the DS out of her hands. She isn't into the kiddie shows really...nothing animated, really. So she is into Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. I don't really like either...not that they are bad, but they are not as entertaining (unlike the animated shows which I think are written with jokes for parents). She is also interested in watching what I she likes Monk, CSI, 30 Rock, the Office etc. We just have monitor which episodes are appropriate (not a lot of CSI's) and watch with her.

The hub is still watching election coverage on CNN!


Misc said...

My hubby and I both adore Monk (we watch the DVDs). Both my kids, 6 & 4, like Word Girl and I dig the theme song. For some reason, my 4 yo still loves the Teletubbies. And she's part of the Hannah Montana cult. Both kids like Drake & Josh, too.

Donita said...

I am so glad someone else partook in the guilt pleasure of Celebrity Rehab - I couldn't stay away!

mrs.noodle said...

Here is another guilty pleasure for you...."Crowned..The Mother of All Pageants." It is a gem. They took the best looking mother daughter pairs they could find and put them on a reality show. Every week they do this dramatic de-crowning ceremony that is pretty entertaining.