Monday, January 07, 2008

Lovin' the Library

If you read this blog on a regular basis at know that I have talked about the new city library a lot...and you know that I am a library-junkie. And finally opened!

Well, I think everyone in the CU area was there at some point on Sunday from 1-6pm. It was packed...I have never seen that many people at the library...any library. Cars were parked everywhere...there were lines for everything. It was quite an amazing thing really...a community so excited about a library...I mean its a place for reading, quiet, and learning.

It is pretty amazing itself. Three floors...lots of windows....tons more materials....a Friends of the Library store...a sorting room (what happens after the book drop?)...self-check out...wireless game rental.

I'll tell you the highlights from each of our family members...
2yo: Clifford was there and the light show on the Children's Desk (I actually think he was a little disorientated...when we told him he could pick out a book...he looked confused...or maybe it was the penguin-hatted librarians).

4yo: The vents and the elevators

11yo: The Wii in the Teen room...we'll never see her in the children's section again

The hubby: The sorting room

The mom: The numerous places I could come and cuddle up to read (there are many!) and the free rentals yesterday

We can't wait to go back and just enjoy it...really find our new library routine. I can't wait to spend time there alone.


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Leeanthro said...

We were there, too! It was chaos. I can't wait to go on a day when it's not crowded.