Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quickies from the Sickie

*I really want my computer back. We sent it in to get it fixed (motherboard problem..whatever that is...maybe there will replace the missing keys the 2yo took off). So, I have use of my hubby's computer...when he is home. Its been forever...ok, about 2 weeks.

*I am already tired of election coverage. Ok, I watched the last Democratic chance really. But my husband wanted to watch the tv all night for the NH primary. This is ridiculous. The actual presidential election is in November! Then there's the 'emotional' breakdown of Hillary. If that is what we are calling emotional...then I am hysterical most of the time. Was it fake? Did it win NH for her? Did women eat it up? Who will ever know...who will even care in a couple weeks. I've heard everyone's speech... Honestly, from what Anderson Cooper favorite CNN host (ok, I like to look at him more than anything else), there is no clear candidate on either side. And I really like a little bit of each of them (I really ignore the Republicans, sorry). I wish they would pretend like they get a long and were a team (which after Feb they will). Looks like Edwards may be our next VP.

*All I want is to watch some mindless TV before bed...too bad. Couldn't they at least run some reruns? At least Jon Stewart is back!

*I have been feeling terrible lately. First of all...I am NOT pregnant...I don't want any emails telling me I am or family rumors going around. But I sure feel like it. Actually my hormones are crazy right now because I have finally begun to wean the little milkaholic. I have been pregnant and nursing for 5 years now. To finally stop is a big change...and my body is not adjusting well. The dr can give me more artificial hormones to, thanks. I will just ride it out...

*Went to the library was lovely. Very quiet and relaxing. The kids still wanted to walk all over (the little one looking for Clifford). We sat, read, and played for over an hour. Then we watched the digger clean out the old library.

*I am now Sudoku-addicted. But I can't do it with a lot of noise around so I do one set after the kids are tucked in. Then I make myself put it away.

*Happy 80th Birthday to my Grandma today...she's sitting in Vegas at the slot machines. You go girl!


Misc said...

Oh, I remember weening my now 4.5-year-old 2 years ago. The agony. I was totally ready for her to ween and she was 95% ready. Then I had oral surgery and told her the medicine I was on made my mommy milk go away. She bought it hook, line and sinker. I was happy and sad at the same time since my "girls" had been "working" for 5 years. It was the end of an era.

Thanks for linking to my blog. I appreciate it.

Leeanthro said...

I have a spot in my heart for Edwards. I also like Clinton. And Obama is fine too. I'm so undecided!

Katherine said...

Who would have thought the the creator of such ugly jeans could produce the best looking journalist ever?