Saturday, January 26, 2008


I've been really busy with work this week so I haven't had a chance to chat about my favorite awards show...the Oscars! It is really important to me...and I have no idea why.

This Tuesday at the crack of dawn (why do they do that?) the nominations were announced. It was actually a really good year for movies and actors so I am not surprised that a lot of people feel left out. There weren't really any major surprises (ok, Cate Blanchett for Elizabeth? and wasn't Philip Seymour Hoffman in a couple other better movies?).

The music categories are always flawed. Because in order to be eligible to be nominated the music must be original to that specific movie, so many movies with great music and use of music are eliminated (hello! Moulin Rouge!!). The category really should be 'best USE of music'. This year Hairspray, Sweeney Todd, and Juno get snubbed. Overall, no musicals will ever get a Best Song or Best Score Oscar unless it is an original musical (which is rare). Of course, the loop hole is getting nominated for the song that runs over the credits (maybe that should be its own category..."Best Song that No One Really Listens To and You Just Wrote So You Could Be Nominated for an Oscar").

I really expected something from Hairspray to be nominated (John Travolta (supporting actor), Nikki Blonski (best actress), or the song 'Ladies' Choice'). I expected at least an artistic nomination. I also expected a song from Walk Hard to be nominated. Instead, 3 out of 5 songs came from Enchanted.

And I am always bummed that I never even have the opportunity to see the short films or documentaries. Thanks to Michael Moore and Al Gore, full-length documentaries have gained some shelf space at the movie store but still. And foreign language films?!!

So, the challenge now is to see as many nominated movies as possible. My husband and I love this part. I have reserved as many as possible from the library but there is a big list. And many aren't on DVD or theaters. I also don't really want to see some (sorry No Country for Old hub will see it and tell me).

Another challenge is to party! We'll talk about party ideas closer to the date (and after confirmation that show will go on!). Check out Champaign Taste's Annual Oscar Recipe Contest!

*note that I did not link any of the movies but please feel free to check them out on Rottentomatoes or Wikipedia!


lbotp said...

We rented Away from Her last night. Julie Christie is magnificent. I love Laura Linney and I cannot wait to see the Savages, if it ever comes here.

We saw Michael Clayton when it came out. Other than the George Clooney eye candy, we can't understand what the big deal is. Tom Wilkinson is good, but he's always good.

I hope that the three songs from Enchanted don't cannibalize each other. I *love* How does She Know ... I bought the CD ... :-)

Dan S said...

Maybe its because I've seen a string of crappy movies lately, but I ran out to see Michael Clayton this weekend and loved it. The story unfolded in such a subtle but interesting way.

It was No Country for Old Men that gave me the "what's the big deal" feeling. It was good, but I think my expectations were too high.

Is there even going to be an Oscars this year, if the writers are still on strike?

Donita said...

LOVED No Country, but we are huge Coen bro fans.