Monday, January 28, 2008


*I did see some of the SAG's last between looking all over for a pacifier so the 2yo would go to sleep. I'm happy The Office and 30 Rock got some recognition. I've never seen the Soprano's so I don't know what is so great about them. Of course...Old Country did well...but I have no plans on seeing it. Julie Christie seemed a bit disoriented last night...still in character? I think of her as Lara.

*I haven't commented on it yet but Heath Ledger's death really bothers me. Perhaps its because he is younger than me or that he is a dad. But I was almost in tears during the Daniel Day Lewis' tribute to him as well as the photo montage.

*Found out today I need to redo a root canal and crown from 10 years ago...doesn't that sound like fun!

*Thinking about a Sam's Club membership...any thoughts?

*Watched the documentary Hairworld yesterday. Its like the Olympics of hair styling. If you didn't know it, you might think it was the sequel to Waiting for Guffman (one of the characters is just like Parker Posey's). But was fascinating.

*Saw the Brazilian music group Desafinado at the library. They are awesome! Something about Portuguese is so beautiful.

*Listened to one of my favorite NPR shows yesterday too...Says You. I just love that show! Oh course, Prairie Home Companion is a favorite as well...but I don't always catch it.

*Got our tickets for the 3D Hannah Montana concert at the Beverly. There are $15 (which is more than a movie but far less than a concert). My husband and I have to draw straws to see which is forced to go. FYI, Go Diego Go Live! is coming to the Assembly Hall Feb 25-26th.

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Misc said...

Will have to check out Hairworld. Have you seen "Crusin Illinois"? It's on late night Sat. on ABC and plays like an SNL skit - very Guffman -like (it's a real show about motorcycle rides in IL - surprisingly it's a full half-hour).

Will not see HM at the Beverly - my daughter doesn't do 3D (Disney World traumatized her) so I'm spared and the Diego show is too late. Why don't they do Wed. a.m. matinees anymore?

I feel so much for Heath Ledger's little girl and his family. The hell they must be going through and in the public eye as well.