Sunday, December 30, 2007

What Happened to Baby?

Yesterday, I finally put away all remaining baby items in my house. I boxed up all the true baby toys...even though they still get played with from time to time. I took out all the onesies...since the 'baby' is potty trained (!). I took all the receiving blankets out of the closet...we use them in the summertime. I took all those cute hooded-towels out of the bathroom...and replaced them with big kid hoodies.

So, we have no baby here anymore. Although the 2yo sits on my lap and says "Mommy's baby." It wasn't sad...but just a moment to reflect. And, of course, my husband starts talking about another baby....ha!

Now if we could only get rid of all the diapers...we are close.

And the nursing...

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Anonymous said...

I so remember weaning my last baby.
It made me sad...time passed and she grew to be a wonderful mother herself. I am so proud of her she is a "Mom for all seasons"