Tuesday, November 13, 2007


*My 2yo has taken to playing Daddy. He has been carrying around a baby doll ("Baby"). He has dressed him, wrapped him, gives him a pacifier, rocks him, and sings him songs. He even asked me to nurse him (I declined). How cute!!

*Bought Snyder's Multigrain Sunflower chips today (Buy 1, Get 1 Free at Meijer). They are delicious and a healthy choice (for a chip). Made with corn, rice, oat, and wheat flours as well as sunflower seeds (and that's about it)...they are high in fiber and protein (and no transfats!). Try them out!

*Its citrus season...my kids LOVE clementines! (also on sale at Meijer)

*My new secret addition is VH1's America's Most Smartest Model. I am fascinated how stupid some people are...I mean like basic knowledge (like shapes).

*Our subscription to People magazine is officially over....as are all of our others...but I miss this one the most (I got my fix at my mom's this weekend).

*Check this out for a good (adult) laugh. Flight of the Conchords (a comedy/music duo from New Zealand that has a show on HBO).

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Mom said...

I love Smartest Model. I'm amazed at the level of stupidity from people who think they are smart. I also watch Top Model and for the most part, they aren't trying to be smart so being stupid isn't such a huge thing.

I ROFL every time I watch SM :)