Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Hang-over!

Halloween went pretty well here. We spent days eating 'spooky' snacks (mummy dogs, steak bites with bloody mary sauce, roasted toadstools, pear skulls, monster cheese, boo-berry muffins, tombscones)...and planning costumes. I even made a fabulous dump truck costume for the little one...but he didn't want to wear a costume afterall (we finally persuaded him to put on his firefighter coat). We carved pumpkins out in the backyard and ate the roasted seeds. And listened to as many monster-themed songs my husband could find.

I have become the lame mom this year...buying pretzels to give trick-or-treaters (I figured it would be ok to have leftovers in the house). And the soon as the kids went to bed, I sorted the candy...threw away anything I knew no one would eat. We like the act of trick-or-treating but we got 3 gallons of candy. Gave 1/3 to my husband to take to work (which they all appreciated). Put 1/3 back into their buckets. And I hid the rest for later (really for my husband to eat instead of picking at the kids).
I just want to get to the store tomorrow to pick up some decorations for next a lot of good ideas last night.

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