Friday, November 16, 2007

Love the Library

We finally made it to the library after a busy week...and a big search for a missing DVD (still not found...please don't make me pay for an overscratched, boring, Dr. Seuss DVD...please let it magically appear!). And we better get a lot of trips in before Dec 9th...when it is closing until Jan 5! Midlife Mutations gave us the heads up earlier this week but today the News Gazette dropped the month-long bomb. The new main library is almost done so they are closing to move everything over. Of course you can head to the Douglass Library and the Bookmobile will be open. But it isn't the same.

I am super excited about the new library. With a coffee shop, I may go there to get my quiet time. Yes, I am a big library-junkie (I know my card number by heart). And the rest of you library-junkies, mark your calendars for Jan 6th...big opening party!

I need to strategize what we are going to do...probably visit the Urbana Free. What a time school and no library!

By the way...if you were at the library and noticed the two screaming kids...that was us. The 4yo would not listen to my directions so he lost his movie was ugly.


Gwenna said...

Can't wait for the opening! It is going to be so great!!

M. Sanchez said...

You teach Zumba! How long have you? I love it!

Jenna said...

I have been teaching my own class since August. I love it! I always need my Zumba fix (which I missed last night).

When and where do you go?