Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Mitten Conspiracy

Like their cousin the sock...mittens seem to like to hide and disappear often. Knowing this, a couple weeks ago I bought a couple pairs for the little ones. I left a pair at school so that, I thought, I would know where at least one pair was.

This morning...I found 2 mittens...2 left mittens...from 2 different pairs of mittens. At least my 4yo has been guarding his Cars gloves like precious treasure. But I couldn't find the 2yo anything...but remembering the school pair...got to school...no mittens. I thought I was going insane...went to pick up the kids...he had them on!! Victory.

However, I headed over to Kohl's and bought 3 pairs of mittens and 3 pairs of gloves for the little ones and a new hat and gloves for the 11yo...and a new pair of gloves for me (mine are mysteriously missing too!). I like to have a stock of hats, scarves, and gloves in case they are missing, smelly, or don't match the kids moods that day. My husband can fend for himself.

Let's see how long it takes us to run around not being able to find them before school. Any bets?


Leeanthro said...

I bought two packages of mittens at Target for my daughter. They are the stretchy kind. 99 cents for 2 pairs!! Can't beat that. If they get lost, oh well. And there's an extra pair in her cubby at school.

Mom said...

My gloves are generally missing because one of the kids lost theirs and I handed mine over because better my hands cold than theirs. C lost his hat last year and I gave him my ski band, with an alligator clip on it to make it fit. Got him through the day :)