Friday, November 09, 2007

I think I live with the monkeys!

We had a lovely day at Lincoln Park Zoo today. First of all, the child to adult ratio was high (3:4) combined with the low attendance overall (cooler weekday)...the stress of simply keeping your children with you was eliminated (my 4yo wearing a new red jacket and supercape also helped his visibility). Additionally, the kids were great. They were interested, patient, and nice to each other all day...with the exception of a post-lunch, needing-a-nap meltdown. They didn't race through the exhibits...we actually had to move them along a bit. It was the most relaxing zoo/museum experience to date (with kiddies).

Everyone had a great time. My daughter really like the Conservatory. My 4yo, although really missed seeing elephants, loved the giraffes. And the 2yo loved it all...but really liked the tigers. My 4yo saw the camels and said "Oh, I need to watch them poop!" (referring to Everyone Poops where 1-hump camels have 1-hump poop and 2-hump camels have 2-hump poop). One of my favorite moments was we were watching this 1-armed gibbon (a primate) swing all around. He stops at the very top of the enclosure. My brother says "Watch for something amazing to happen." Then the gibbon peed (I think my brother was expecting some fabulous aerial feat.

So, we are spending a lot of the time in the primate house. It was fascinating and there was a fabulous volunteer giving us all kinds of information...Thanks, Paul. Then I start realizing that the primate house was strikingly similar to my own house. For example, people are known to jump around the house and climb on anything sturdy enough to hold them. We often have an interesting naked butt walk into view. Little ones decide to pee right where they are standing. Babies crawl up on Mom and nurse whenever they want. One child might suddenly attackingly chase another person. Empty boxes provide hours of entertainment. The food no one wants is thrown on the floor.

So, I guess it is true that our DNA matches a primates 99%!

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