Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Free Fall Fun

We spent another weekend in the city visiting family. On Sunday we visited my grandma, Nana to the kids. Of course, she had work for us to do....well, my brother and husband got to clean the gutters and get all the leaves off the roof. Then they and the kids decided to rake all the leaves in the front...which was a considerable amount. So, with rakes and brooms in hand everyone helped (well, Gram and I sat and talked inside).

They made a huge pile and then spent over an hour jumping in it....burying people in it...re-raking it. It was so much fun....lots of laughs.

So, get out in the yard before the snow hits on Thursday (although it is a little wet today)!

1 comment:

Gwenna said...

Looks fun! Our leaves are calling to us...I'm afraid we waited past the prime time.