Monday, November 12, 2007

Back Home

The kids and I had a lovely time in the city visiting the fam.

I took my daughter out for lunch to Portillo's (a place we frequented in high school) and to the mall. It was some nice mom-daughter time. We looked through the stores...even bought some things at the Disney Store. We discussed how the larger corporations (specifically Starbucks) are ruining local businesses and our political system (including partisan politics and the economy). I kid you not...these were the topics with my 11yo.

Then the kids had a cousin sleepover at Grandma's while the parents went out for Chinese and a movie (Dan In Real to come later....but it was fabulous!). It was so nice to have a slow dinner that allowed us to eat great food and talk without interruption.

We finished the weekend off with a nice brunch that my daughter planned and a nice drive back to CU.

One of the best parts of the weekend....upon arrival, I discovered my husband had cleaned the carpets! and finished the demolition of our basement remodel! He kept it a secret and worked all weekend with little sleep (he worked at his regular job all weekend too). What a sweetie! If I had a weekend alone at home....I would sleep, eat, read, and watch movies.

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