Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ok, Thanksgiving is over...

You may still have some leftovers lingering in the may have come accustomed to that pre-bed piece of pie (as my hubby says, we have to get rid of it)...but Thanksgiving is over now and the holiday season is upon is. That means a lot....a lot of cookies, cakes, alcohol, cheesy dips, and a not enough time to exercise it all off. Those few pounds you gain over the holidays will take until next summer to work off.

First some quick tips to getting rid of the leftovers....
*Soup! You can throw just about all of your leftovers into a pot with some chicken broth (turkey, any veggies, gravy, mashed potatoes, even stuffing). You can gut your pumpkin pie and mix with some broth for a sweet pumpkin soup (top with a bit of cranberries).

*Freeze! Chop that turkey up and freeze it for something later. You can also make your own TV dinners (on microwave-safe plates, add potatoes, stuffing, turkey, gravy (keep cranberry sauce separate...but it is freezable), cover and freeze).

*Make a fresh meal...breaking the turkey meals up will keep you a bit interested to finish it off tomorrow.

*Bring it in...send that extra pie to work or to your in-laws or next playgroup...and leave it there!

Some tips for keeping it healthy the next 4 weeks...
*Keep moving! Try to do something, anything, for 15-30 mins each day (post-dinner dance party!).

*Drink lots of water...its good for you, it will flush out your body, and it will keep your appetite under control.

*Eat healthy at home. There are a lot of parties out there...leave your splurging for them. And eat a healthy snack at home before heading out to parties or shopping (resist the smell of cookies at the mall!!).

*Save your calories! Reduce or ditch alcohol this month. Cut out the lattes. Eat desserts in moderation...Don't make anything at home unless it is for a party or gift. At a party, take a taste of some things and then one more bite of the ONE you really liked. Share a dessert plate with your partner or kids.

*Take the Just One More pledge! This site has a simple challenge we can all meet...just eat one more serving of fruits/vegetables or protein each day and/or do a physical activity each day. They provide you with good tips, recipes, activities, etc. to keep you and your family on track. Now is the time to start those resolutions!

Have a great and healthy holiday season!!!

(remember this post when I post about my holiday cookie recipes!!)

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