Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break '09 Whoo Hoo!

Here's what that week amounted to:
*Finally deciding on a color to repaint the kitchen (many hours were spent staring at paint samples and the wall).

*Playdates for the little ones and 'hanging out' for the older one.

*Visits with family...watching old Beta videos.

*Lots of legos, painting, art work, biking, superhero stunt shows, general childhood adventures.

*A trip to the Orpheum Children's Museum in Champaign. I haven't been there in awhile and they have made some great changes. The little ones LOVED it! and there is enough to keep me interested (plus there were some other parents I knew to chat with). My only worry is that you cannot see your children 100% of the time since there are lot of places to climb, etc.

*Eating in and out around town including Fiesta Cafe, Courier Cafe, and Ruby Tuesdays and using our new grill.

*Reading a lot....I read two books and my daughter read Twilight.

*Saw some movies, DVD, and theater.

*Saw High School Musical, the Ice Tour! It was $10/ticket so well worth a condensed version of all three movies. Our 5yo LOVED it! I thought it was entertaining but not the best Disney on Ice I've seen (but this was very story-driven, the others I've seen have had lots of different 'numbers' and focused more on the beauty of skating and cool special effects).

*Of course, we went to the library.

*Lots of rest and relaxation!

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