Monday, March 30, 2009

Champaign Magnet School Survey

The Champaign School District is seeking input about possible magnet schools in the community. If you would like to add your input, take this survey. Even if you don't have a child in the district, this plan will impact the community, so let them know what you think!

"This survey will provide information to the Magnet School Planning Committee. Magnet schools have been used across the nation to provide interest-based programming to attract families from across a school district to attend identified schools, often for the purpose of creating a diverse student body. The Magnet School Planning Committee is looking at designing special programming with input from parents, staff, and other stakeholders for Garden Hills and B.T. Washington elementary schools to draw families to these schools from across the District. The addition of Magnet School programming will occur when construction is completed on these schools to add classrooms and add air conditioning and new electrical and mechanical systems."

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Loretta said...

Great article.. please consider networking with the bizymoms Champaign community, i am sure you will get loads of feed back on this matter