Friday, March 20, 2009

Frugal Friday!

Beauty doesn't cost a thing...or at least that $100 trip to the salon. Most families can save hundreds by reducing their beauty-related costs. I'm not saying stop trying to look fabulous...just do it for less.

*No one in our house gets regular haircuts outside the family. I cut the boys hair, my sister-in-law trims the ladies' locks. (I do head the the salon when I am drastically changing my hair....once every 2 years when I donate my hair). Get a haircut that is easy to maintain and find someone to do it.

*No one here colors or perms their hair.

*My husband uses hair product but we buy them at the drug store. I wear a little makeup which I buy at the drug store (on sale, of course).

*No special creams or potions. Rest, exercise, good food, and fun.

*Shampoo and conditioner should only be purchased either on sale at your grocery/drug store OR from a big store (Sam's, Costco). As well with body lotion and soap. I do not use 'kids' shampoo or soap now that the kids are older. (I actually use really cheap shampoo for the boys since it often gets poured into the bathtub by the bottle).

*No pedicures, manicures, massages, wraps, scrubs, waxing, husband is a great masseuse, I do my own pedicures, the kids love to do their own nails, you can make your own scrubs out of your kitchen.


The Fearless Freak said...

I find Suave or V05 to be the cheapest shampoo. I can usually get one or the other of them on sale for 75 cents a bottle. When I find it, I buy 6 or 7 bottles so I have plenty on hand.

I also do everyone's hair around here. I've always done RF and TB's because it is just a buzz cut. I used to pay to get mine and MT's done but then she had a haircut that took forever to get done and still wasn't what I wanted. I sat her down in front of the TV to fix it and found out that I seem to have some talent for it so I decided it wasn't worth paying anymore.

And I will occasionally color my hair, but RF does it for me at home. It still costs $7 a box and when my hair is long takes 2 boxes but $15 is still way less than the salon would charge.

Jenna said...

I often will let the kids watch something they never usually do and cut away (except for the youngest, who I buzz as fast as I can).

Suave is often, like $ I stock up too.

Katherine said...

I'm all about saving money, but every time I try to cut my daughter's bangs I wind up giving her a mulletish hair-do! I'm afraid what I'll save in haircuts will be made up (and then some) by the therapy costs.

Jenna said...

Haircutting takes practice...just don't take photos of the bad cuts...she'll never know.