Thursday, March 26, 2009


Since we are not at Disney World over Spring Break like many of my daughter's friends, I thought a movie was the least I could do. So we had a girls' night at the movies.

Coraline (PG, 100mins)
This stop-image animated film is stunning to watch. It was so nice to get out of the computer-generated images that the kids have come accustomed to. It reminded me of when I was younger. It is very stylistic and unique.

The story follows a girl who has recently moved to a new town. Her parents seem uninterested and too busy to parent and she has no friends. Things happen and she comes across a parallel world that is just perfect (but, of course, too good to be true). In the end, Coraline prefers her boring parents to the evil mother she meets in the other world....lesson learned.

I'm not sure whether I liked this movie yet. First, it was in 3D...apparently the newest thing in children's movies (and they cost more). It was visually amazing, I'm sure the 2D version is just as good. Secondly, this is a suspense almost horror movie. Very clearly so and not a great one at that. The story did not pull together well enough for me. If this had been a R-rated live-action suspense movie, I would say it was bad. It is scary at times and creepy throughout. My 12yo was scared and I was worried she won't get to sleep that night. It also contains a seen that I thought was entirely inappropriate for children. The two aging sisters in the basement perform their act....barely clothed and they are very well disporportioned. The movie, overall, is completely inappropriate for younger children. However, older children and adults might enjoy a completely different film.

It is one that I would recommend seeing the on big screen simply for the sight of it but the story is lacking (for this reason, I am going to read the original book). Older children may enjoy this but be warned that any scary movie is doubly scary viewed in a dark movie theater. Overall, its probably a renter and definitely a 'watch with parent' movie.

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