Thursday, March 26, 2009

Driving Lessons

After checking this out from the library and not watching it twice...I made myself watch this one last night and I was pleasantly surprised. I got it simply because it had Harry Potter's Ron and Mrs. Weasley in it.

Driving Lessons (PG-13, 98mins)
This sweet and funny coming of age film is well written and directed by new director Jeremy Brock. The story follows a young man, Ben, Rupert Grint, who incidentally is learning to drive as he takes a job to care for an aging actress, Evie, played by Julie Walters. His parents are an odd couple with an overly strict and religious mother who is having an affair with a young clergyman, played with a painful British accent by Laura Linney, and a emotionally-absent father, played well by Nicholas Farrell. What is missing at home and in his social life, he finds in Evie. He develops into an amazing young man by the end of the film.

Despite the somewhat predictability of the theme, the story drew me in. I wanted to watch it again since I feel like I didn't give it my full attention right away. I was excited to see Grint outside of Hogwarts and really holding his own. At only 16 while filming, he seemed to develop his character and give him the depth it needs. Walters is amazing and the more I see of her, the more I want to see. She plays this old, quirky woman beautifully and believably. The music is the film is great as well including Salsa Celtica and Sufjan Stephens.

It is just a nice film...a great library find.

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