Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The First Fight

It finally happened...the two boys (3 and 5yo) finally had it out for the first time this week. After deciding to share the remaining fortune cookie, the 5yo ate half and then tried to get away with splitting the remaining half in half to share with his brother. Grabbing, crying...the cookie crumbled to the floor. Screaming, kicking, punching....'he won't go upstairs!' 'no, he won't go upstairs!' 'he won't move away from me!' 'he won't move away from me!' Once the violence ended, the crying continued.

It ended with me folding laundry in my bedroom which is sanctioned a No-Cry the 3yo quickly quieted down so he could sit with me...and the 5yo followed soon after.

It probably lasted 5 mins in total but man, it was exhausting (and I was just an observer).

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