Monday, March 03, 2008


*I haven't had a lot of computer time since our 4yo has taken it over. He has discovered computer games....and figured them out quickly. Needs no help...nor wants it. We have to set timers and pry him off it.

*We have watched some good family films lately. The Game Plan (see previous review) and Surf's Up. I really liked Surf's Up...this animockumentary about the penguin surf circuit is actually very clever and funny. It has lots of little jokes for the adults and lots of action for everyone.

*In my pathetic sick week, I read the new James Patterson Women's Murder Club 7th Heaven. It was a good read (so much better than You've Been Warned...that one was terrible!). See my book list at the bottom for more details. I also watched Hide and Seek (why, Bobby?) and Wedding Crashers (I love that one!). And some ESPN coverage of cheerleading competitions.

*A lot of potty talk about here....the boys talk about their special parts ALL the time. We tell our 4yo about privacy but our 2yo doesn't care...he thinks its funny. Let's hope they don't make pp jokes at school.

*Our 11yo starts ISATs today (Illinois' standardized testing). The school is making a big deal out of it but we aren't. I'm not worried about her scores plus I don't want her to feel like her life is on the line. Sen. Obama says he will eliminate these high-stakes testing....interesting.

*Mother Nature is was so beautiful here is supposed to snow later in the week.

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Gwenna said...

Hmmmmm...Obama's view on NCLB and the testing is why a lot of teachers I know are supporting him. ISATs...That is one week I do not miss. :)