Friday, March 28, 2008

Fitness Friday!!!

Jump around!

Jumping rope is one of the best and most complete exercises around. All you need a medium weight can buy a jump rope for a couple dollars at many stores. It is also extremely portable...take it anywhere!

Jumping rope does take some practice but once you get into will burn 3x as many calories as running! Plus you can do it for as little as 5 mins and get a good workout. can do it as a family!

Jump rope individually with your kids...have jumping contests (how many jumps in a minute, craziest trick, who can jump the longest or highest). Or jump all together...get a long rope and have two people (or 1 and a fence) twirl and one jump. Want to get fancy...double dutch!

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Misc said...

I love to jump rope and hula hoop! Although it's a bit tricky trying to keep the kids out of my "rope space". :-)