Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quickie Round Up

We have been REALLY busy lately....

First of all...what is all that green stuff on the ground....I don't remember what its called, I haven't seen it in so long!

*We had a really busy past Saturday.
11yo went to Anime drawing workshop at the library with a Chicago-based illustrator...awesome and FREE!

2 and 4 yo and Mom went to Lincoln Square Mall for Read Across America. Super fun, well-organized, and great day to spend reading, doing literacy and other fun activities, and finding out about all the areas' early childhood services/businesses. Super Why was there! And it was FREE!

Dad was at Bergner's at other mall for a promotional event..we stopped by and met Andy the Ambulance, decorated cookies, got tattoos, egg hunt, fun photos, was also FREE (they did hope we would buy some clothes...but we didn't...ha, ha!).

Then in pm, Mom and the 11yo (plus Dad who was working the event), went to Krannert to see Diavolo (crazy, awesome good dance group out of LA) and stayed for the Talk Back session afterwards...and that was also FREE (go KCPA staff!).

*Sunday was filled with family and fun for the rest of the fam while I drove to Peoria for an all-day workshop and certification for fitness instructors (and with the time change and late night out (ok, it was like 11pm)...I was SOOO tired.

Other things...
*What the F#*@ happened to gas prices?! I know the price of the barrel is at an all time high....we definately can't afford that second car now (yes, we only own 1 car).

*Can someone remove all the black, ugly snow piles from around town...they are dampening my Springy outlook. And while they're on it...fix the potholes on University...its like a video game.

*FYI, if anyone is looking into preschools/daycares for next fall...NOW is the time. Most places have applications due between March and April.

*Has anyone seen Your Momma Don't Dance on Lifetime? Its like a bad car is so bad but you have to watch.

Finally...Happy Birthday to my loving Hubby!
The kids decorated the dining room for dinner and sang the cutest version of Happy Birthday ever. Then my husband fell asleep on the couch...and slept for 11hrs! Now that's a great birthday present!


Anonymous said...

One car! That's awesome. I'd love to reduce the amount of driving we do. I hate it when meet places and then take two cars back home. I feel so guilty. Of course, it's convenient to have two cars and does make things simpler.

Misc said...

We live out in the middle of nowhere (practically) so 2 cars are a necessary evil. Kudos to you for making it work!

I was bummed we missed out on Read Across America day. My boys (hubby & son) and my daughter wanted to go to Engineering Open House. My 4 yr old girly girl wanted to go see "science stuff" and robots (like her brother). It was a fun time. Very, very cold but fun.

Anonymous said...

Tag you're it! Five interesting things about you please.

Erika said...

did we f-ing miss it? especially after you guys han solo rocked D's birthday? Is dave's really the same as dan's dad's? arrrgggghhhhh. PLease make out with Dave for Daniel.

Leeanthro said...

Tag, you're it!