Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring! and a movie review!

Yes, it is officially Spring! and today the weather was amazing (ignore the forecast for snow this weekend).

So, we made it to Horton Hears a Who (88mins, rated G) on a raining Monday. I only took the 4yo and 11yo since I was going alone and our youngest does not have a good movie record (and I had previously read it was 1hr 50mins). Overall, very enjoyable.

One thing I love about Dr. Seuss books is the mostly black and white line drawings...of course this movie is computer-animated and very colorful but appropriately so. Horton is adorable on his quest to save the Who-ville despite being tracked by an angry and controlling kangaroo. If you listen to the dialogue, the things she says are somewhat profound and clearly allude to historical perspectives (what would happen if the kids (e.g. women, minorities) thought for themselves, and later, a clear allusion of lynching). The major theme...a person is a person no matter how made very clear. Obviously, those references are over my 4yo's head but the major points are clear and good talking points later. The cast is great, the pacing good, some funny and some touching moments. My only major criticism is the use of the word "boob," which is used a lot (not meaning breast but idiot). Like my kids need to be encouraged to use inappropriate words more (we are in potty talking phase here).

My 11yo liked it, my 4yo said he could watch it everyday, and I found it very watchable (but not necessarily as enjoyable as say the Incredibles or Enchanted). I recommend it for kids 3+. I recommend the original book for everyone!

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