Thursday, March 27, 2008


*We got our tax refund! Youpi! We have no plans for it except to try not to spend it. Can't wait for our 'relief' check.

*In the past 2 weeks we have had our power shut off for 45mins and our road closed for 2 days...without any notice from the respective companies. What a pain.

*Looks like the potholes in town are finally being filled!

*Make sure to buy your pool passes before the pools open...there is a reasonable discount. Check out Champaign Park District for more. There are a lot of changes to the Urbana Park District summer schedule so check things out.

*There is a film, Stories of Us, about bullying created by the 8th graders at Franklin MS in Champaign playing at the Virginia on Friday at 7pm...its free.

*I watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age (good, I love historical movies, and I loved the first one. The DVD extras are good...about the cathedrals, etc.) and Gone, Baby, Gone (it was very good, a really good conversation starter and Casey Affleck was great, but I hope you like the F-word..I think it is in every sentence).

*Head to the library on Friday! Urbana is having the Fairy Ball and Champaign is showing Harry Potter 1...both begin at 6pm.

*I am the official winner of the Longest Distance Award from our family's 1st Annual Egg Throwing Competition! We all decorated dyed eggs with markers, pipe cleaners, stickers, etc. then closed our eyes, spun around, and threw them. My step-father won most artistic, best integrity, and best in show. My 4yo won best sportsmanship (thanks to his Spiderman sweatband). Thank you all for your support!

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