Monday, March 10, 2008

Mom Brain....its official!

There was a video (which I did try to embed, sorry) on today about Momnesia (Mom Brain). So, it is confirmed that mommies do lose some mental functioning after becoming parents.

I know I have. I used to be a pretty studious I have been reduced to the People Magazine crossword (which will stump me once in awhile). It takes me longer to read anything nonfiction and I often cannot think of the (you like "Do you want water or....what white stuff....from cows....what is it?"). I've even forgotten some appointments and birthday (that's why I can't live without my frig calendar now).

So, I have been playing Brain Age regularly and am officially a Sudoku nut (I have to do it everyday!).

What has been your greatest Mom Brain moment (even if you're not a mom)?


Katherine said...

Vindication! I knew it couldn't be just me. Hmm, how about the time I read someone's blog and thought for some unknown reason a man had written it. Then posted about it only to have said blogger say "um, I'm a woman." Luckily, she was really nice about it but I was mortified. Cannot read with baby on lap.

Erika said...

did you see the 16 month old reading? How was your hip hop class?