Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Sorry...it has been a bit busy here. Here is what we've been up to...

*Headed down to the Great Pumpkin Patch in Arthur, IL. It is such a great place for everyone. My husband and I were noting how it might be nice to head there without the kids so we could spend more time looking at everything. The kids LOVED it! And this time the schoolhouse was open....very interesting. If you are looking for something to do this weekend...head there (this weekend is great because they reduce a lot of prices). Taking 45 instead of 72 makes a pretty drive.

*Had ice cream at Marble Slab in Savoy. I think it is better than Cold Stone and less busy on a Friday night. The girls I took loved that I said "you can have whatever you want!". I also like that after buying 5 items, you get one free. Also, had dinner at Seven Saints again (discovering that getting dinner in downtown is a challenge at 930pm on Sunday). It was yummy!

*Spent more time decorating for Halloween. My 4yo is really into making things...hence the multiple paper ghosts and jack-o-lanterns around the house. Today, we made ghosts with foam plates and tuille.

*Took our 11yo shopping. She spent $15 on flavored lip gloss (it was her money). And went to Old Navy...they are having major clearance right now...racks starting at $1.97!!

*Movies...I have happen to catch a couple movies (free preview channels, library lends, date night, birthday party).
The Game Plan (PG, 110mins), still in theaters

This football/family movie staring the Rock was actually pretty cute and entertaining. The three 10-11yo girls I took with me really liked it. The story is not original (a person learning the value of family) but the Rock made it fresh. Any football-lovin' families would enjoy it.

Into the Wild (R, 2hr 27min), still in theaters

Based on Jon Krakauer's fascinating book about real-life adventurer Chris McCandless, this Sean Penn movie is good. I did read the book, and recently at that, so I was missing certain aspects in the film but my husband, who also read the book but in college, liked it more. I would like to hear an opinion of someone who did not read the book or didn't know the ending. The story is so interesting that you can't really miss however it is long and slow. Great actors...amazing scenery!

The Queen (PG-13, 1hr 45min), on DVD

This movie, which won Helen Mirren the Oscar, was very interesting. It examines the Queen of England's and Prime Minister's (a newly elected Tony Blair) treatment of Princess Diana's death. I was surprised that the previous press did not mention Michael Sheen's portrayal of Tony Blair...it was great and of equal importance to Helen Mirren. But this is a slow and quiet film.

Children of Men (R, 1hr 50min), on DVD

The premise of this movie is what caught my attention...the world has gone infertile...meaning no babies...meaning the human population will end shortly. So it is interesting to see what might happen to us in this situation (although they don't necessary explain why it all goes to poop..it might not go that way). We follow Clive Owen as he attempts to move a shockingly pregnant young woman to a safe place. It is a bit gritty and violent at times. I didn't really like it too much but did want to see what happened. My husband admired the cinematography a lot.

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