Saturday, September 01, 2007

Movie Review

Superbad is not so bad!

For whatever reason, my husband and I really needed to see this movie (e.g. stress, surrounded by children and toys, low brain functioning). So, we went to see it with my brother and sister-in-law (sil), not before heading to the drug store for some less expensive chocolate treats. After the first 2 mins my sil and I thought were we in a bad place. The opening scene is filled with swearing and crude talk of sex from a teenage boy. was hilarious. It was almost like....can they even talk like that in a movie (remember most movies I watch are rated G). The characters are so great that you do want to see what happens.

Quick plot wrap-up. Teenage boys trying to get laid before graduation and get into the best parties (they are, of course, the nerds of school...making things a bit more of a challenge).

These young actors are wonderful. Although I heard that their parents had to be present for the sex was nice to see teenagers being played by teenagers. I love Michael Cera (Evan) from Arrested Development (the best show since Seinfeld) and he was so sweet in this movie you want your children to date him. Jonah Hill (Seth) is so crude and sexually-focused. But the best part of the movie is the story of McLovin! They found the nerdiest actor (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) to play this sweet kid who tries to buy alcohol with his new fake id...and ends up spending the evening with two pathetic cops played by co-writer Seth Rogen and SNL's player Bill Hader. That could have been the whole was hilarious.

Overall, it is a very rude and crude movie (think American Pie, Porky's genre) but it is very well written and cast so it works. Not for the kiddies...even the teenage ones (I'm a bit surprised it is only rated R) but a good laugh for the adults.

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