Sunday, September 30, 2007

Big Day!

After entertaining the kids alone with a bum knee at the soccer game for a couple hours...we refueled with some lunch and then headed to the library for the Crime Scene Investigations presentation, part of the Super Saturdays program (hubby and baby blissfully took a nap).

My 4yo was really excited to meet a police officer and he decided to sit up front. My daughter was hoping so see a severed body part or miniature scene from the TV show...sorry, we live in CU, honey. But they both really enjoyed the presentation including learning about fingerprinting, gathering evidence, and general police stuff. This must be the standard CSU presentation because I saw it a couple years ago with our neighborhood group and it was identical (same jokes, I think).

My daughter thought the jokes were funny but she, and I, had wished it was a bit more interactive (taking their own fingerprints, gathering evidence, solving a library crime). We all wanted to check out a police car or the big van, but no. My son loved it even though he didn't understand most of it and took a bathroom and book break in the middle. He raised his hand to offer his opinion like the big kids (he told them he likes to paint and has a new superhero book, and his dad works on the firetruck and cute...he told me he wanted to raise his hand too). Each of them got a free police-themed book as well.

We also turned in some more reading logs and received some stickers to put on the jungle wall. My son's word of the day was 'sun'. But...the biggest event was that our 4yo got his very own library card! We even wrote his name on it and checked out a book with it. He was so excited....they grow up so fast.

We finished the day with pizza and family movie night (Herbie Unloaded...not my choice but we all enjoyed it enough).

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