Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mommy loves Coffee

One of my favorite Ralph Covert songs....

Anyways. Yesterday, I read an article on providing (yet not 'marketing' to) menu items that are more appropriate for the younger ones at Starbucks. Ok, I admit, I LOVE coffee! And I have been drinking it since I was a teenager. And after working in a coffee shop in college, I learned to really enjoy the good stuff and often, straight up. And, in turn, I like to go and get coffee at the local coffee shops (I prefer Espresso Royale (on Neil, the one with the drive-thru)). My kids are often with me...and always ask for coffee. Using my vast child development knowledge...I think, sure they can have it...they will hate it and never ask again (I remember trying my mom's coffee, yuck!). All three liked it! So, now I just sneak it or try my best to ward them off while I try to drink it while it is hot. (note, I almost always drink decaf...so there is no major harm to the kiddies). Also, know that in our newly income-challenged lives, I make my own coffee most days.

Anyways. Back to the article...they kept thinking about how kids and teens shouldn't drink caffeine. This is true...none of us should. But remember two things....first, tea has caffeine as well...so does chocolate for that matter. Secondly, you can order decaf items. But this shouldn't be a major concern.

What is interesting is that we are teaching our kids that it is quite alright to consume high-fat and high-sugar items (that mocha you love so much). Also, that it is a good idea to spend $4 on a cup of coffee...to a major corporation...when you could spend your money on a local business. Taking the kids to the coffee shop is an expensive treat...I would rather spend that money elsewhere (or not at all).

Of course, teaching your kid how to make the perfect latte or even hot chocolate is a life-long skill that will come in very handy.

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